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Rivsalt Liquorice Refill

LIQUORICE is the latest addition to the RIVSALT family and consists of blocks of premium raw liquorice that can be grated over food to enhance the taste. Use LIQUORICE with...

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Rivsalt Taste Jr.

TASTE Jr is another new addition to the RIVSALT family and is the perfect way to explore the tastes of different rock salts from around the world. This special taster-pack...


Orbitkey Leather Delux

Just a little fancy, for the discerning; the sophisticated type. Crafted using a unique mix of hand-crafted and highly precise automated processes, the leather embodies true elegance; with beauty that develops...


Orbitkey Multi Tool

Bottle opener, multi-size hex wrench, box cutter, flat-head screwdriver, file... you name it - 6 tools in 1. Made from stainless steel for maximum durability.


Orbitkey Canvas

  Tightly woven water-resistant canvas is coupled with leather reinforcement for maximum durability; the ideal companion on your next adventure.  


Sparkstone Charger

A portable charger shaped like a rock and it feels like one too! This portable charger will power your devices on the go so you are always connected and look...

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Saarde Stone Soap

100% natural extra virgin olive oil soaps. Made by hand in Turkey, without adding synthetic preservatives or colours Palm oil free.  Gently cleanses and moisturises. Soap Dimensions: 6 x 5.5 x...